24-Hour Media Diary: “Who Has My Information?” Edition

I really try to be too funny for these. Only for you, Professor Probst.

Part 1: Media Diary, Sunday January 29, 2023

Damn, it’s 2023. That’s weird.

12:00 PM: I get up from sleeping. Yes, I am serious…it was a relatively late night and the weekend. I have to get up at the crack of dawn on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for my professional program downtown in Phoenix, so I enjoy the sleep-in as much as I can. I don’t want to say I meant to get up at noon, it more or less just happened.

I wake up and scroll through all the notifications I have missed so far for the day. It is again Sunday, so I check injury news and things of that nature relating to the two conference championship games for the NFL today. I also look at the betting statistics and analytics to see who I should put my money on for the games (I went 2-0!)

12:40 PM: Drop off Chiefs jersey at friends house after wearing it the last four days (I lost a bet). Use my phone to get there through Apple Maps. Place bets through multiple betting apps (FanDuel, DraftKings, PrizePicks).

1:00 PM: Go get a quick, healthy lunch at Panda Express (that is not a joke, I am completely serious. There is such a thing… Order a plate, get half brown rice and half super greens for sides. Two entrees, double grilled teriyaki chicken or replace with broccoli beef/black pepper angus steak. Macros are out of this world). First game is starting and I am a little behind, so I watch the start on my phone (FOX Sports app).

I also paid for the Panda Express using Apple Pay on my phone.

1:30 PM-4:15 PM: Get to bar where friends are and watch first football game on an obscene amount of big-screen TVs. Check phone intermittently for bets (Action App) as well as social media apps (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) and messaging (iMessage). Order drinks through QR code that takes me to the website that shows the menu on my phone.

4:30 PM-6:15 PM: Go to a friends apartment and watch first half of second game on another TV. Used all the before-mentioned apps during this time as well.

6:30 PM-8:00 PM: Go to another house to watch rest of second game. During this game, homework was done on my MacBook Pro using websites like Canvas, Google, WordPress, Reclaim Hosting and more.

During this time, a group of us also tried to decide on a spring break location. Google was used to figure out the cheapest flights. We also searched on Airbnb and I used TikTok on my phone to look up videos from the places we were deciding on going to (Our final three are Aruba, Ibiza and Saint-Tropez…would love a suggestion!).

10:30 PM: After a long basketball session in which I did not use any electronic devices, I come home and finish up homework on my computer using Canvas and WordPress.

Part 2: Personal Data Information

I never realized how much I input personal information until I tracked myself throughout the day. So much of my information is needed and inputted when loading into the betting apps I use, including my social security number and a password I use for a lot of other websites and apps as well. I need to think of other passwords…

Every time I tweeted today about how much I hate the Cincinnati Bengals, I release information about social interests not just related to the hatred of the Bengals, but the fact that I am also from Pittsburgh and a Steelers fan living in Arizona going to the Cronkite School working for Overtime and another Steelers blog… because it is in my public bio. People can see that when they view my tweets. Same with my likes and retweets.

Every time I log into canvas, I need to input my ASU ID and super secret password AND THEN let the login software call my phone number to ensure that it is me. The amounts of personal information I let DUO have of me is just now starting to alarm me.

When I search these locations on Google, TikTok or Airbnb, I am (probably…don’t even fully know) giving information to data brokers in which advertisers will use to target me for their products or services related to these searches.

And all of this is just one day of normal activity. I cannot imagine how much personal information I have given to the internet and how much information data brokers could potentially have on me.






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